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TheaterNow has produced many theatrical, sketch comedy/improvisation, and film projects since 2008. 

Over the past eight years, we have grown our audiences by producing affordable, quality and relevant work. Our audiences have been growing fabulously with each and every production. "Its Outta Here, Crazy Baseball Fan, Living Out Loud, Collected Stories, Brooklyn Boy, Generations Play Festival, Pardon our Schtick, 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche. Visiting Mr. Green, Over the River and Through the Woods, The Last Romance, Stien Stein. 

It's Outta Here!

Our 2010 Theater NOW debut in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Sponsored in part by the Minnesota Twins organization. CELEBRATING THE MINNESOTA TWINS MOVE TO OUTDOOR BASEBALL! ONE ACTS, SKETCH COMEDY AND WHOLE LOT OF FUN! 

Brooklyn Boy

One of the most admired writers of mine was Donald Margulies. Growing up in Brooklyn never became more real than this.

Collected Stories

February 2012- Another incredible play by Donald Margulies with two of our most gifted actors and my long awaited directorial debut.

Visiting Mr. Green

Visiting Mr. Green - 2014 - A story so profound and heartbreaking where cultural prejudice consumes an entire life. So wonderful that

we were sold out each performance.

5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche - 2013 - Our

newest and most admired directors, Shelli

Place, made this a tremendous hit.

5 Lesgbians Eating a Quiche
Over the River and
Through the Woods

Over the River and Through the Woods - 2014-15. An Italian family struggling to cope in a modern world Directed by Shelli Place

Other works include:

The Last Romance, 2016

Pardon our Schtick, 2015

Women's Voices, 2015

Generations One Act Play Festival, 2014

Stein Stein - A Monster Musical

Staged at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, onto Edinburgh in 2018

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