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In development

Dreamland Theater continues to engage in new development with many initiatives that meet our mission. Not only does Dreamland Theater develop new theatrical work, we also produce improvisation, sketch comedy, film and documentaries.  Here are some of the work currently in progress. This page is usually under construction!



A 1950's Jazz Club in NYC
A discovery of love and emotional communication through an autistic composer.  Currently in scripting.


A miracle near 34th st. 
Film screenplay

Currently filming treatment 

Due: Summer 2019

A family deals with Alzheimer's and rebuilding family relationships - Readings and workshops. Winter 2019

An improvisation workshop for 

early stage alzhiemers patients 

In cooperation with The Alzheimer's Assocation

and the Wilder Foundation Ongoing since 2013

Continuing a host of classes...

A Brooklyn Monster Musical

Currently scripted for NYC Fringe Festival

and staged readings Spring 2018

A theaterical drama of financial and material excess, loss, forgiveness and enlightenment...

A NYC life in turmoil. Winter 2019

How to get involved

We hold open house events to introduce our ensemble work and new development series. While we love auditions, we prefer to meet people who are interested in working on various projects and be able to choose the work most interesting to you.  We create drama, comedy, improv, musicals and special events. We hold open house events for all people involved in theater. 

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