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At Dreamland Theater, we see the world as a place shared by generations of stories, sewn into a patchwork of love, pain and laughter. We value, above all things, the opportunity for one generation to learn from another, binding us and connecting us. Something special happens when families sit together in a dark theatre, hearing a story they’ve never heard before; laughing, crying and deepening their humanity, just a little, together.  





Dreamland Theater (Encrypted email)


Mission: The mission of Dreamland Theater is to produce plays that bring multi-generational audiences through time, story and theme to witness life as it was, is and ever shall be. Dreamland Theater is a collaboration of artists committed to exploring dynamic work that follows families throughout generations, celebrating the universal themes found in our everyday life.


History: Dreamland Theater is an outreach effort of Minnesota Productions Inc. (MPI), and Theater NOW, based in Minneapolis, MN, under the artistic leadership of Robert Marcus. Dreamland Theater is the NYC theater debut to reach new audiences, develop new work, and recruit new talent sharing our vision and mission. After many successful independent productions and performances and an award winning Film, Robert discovered that his audience was clearly resonating with generational stories and the interplay between the different generations. Something was reminding them, connecting them to past family stories, and to the future stories yet to be told. That experience became the foundation for Dreamland Theater



Robert Marcus, Artistic Director


Robert is an award winning filmmaker, producer, dramatist, writer, composer, director and actor. Robert has been on stage since he was four years old and rediscovered the joy of creative performance through stage, film and music and producing multimedia events after a successful IT career and raising a beautiful family. The work presented on this site is only small representation of the work done over the past twelve years. More to come. Thanks for visiting. 

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